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  1. Graphic Workshop Professional 11 — Coming Soon (second notification)
  2. Pagan Daybook 10 Revision 3 (additional notification)
  3. Graphic Workshop Professional — Ten Cool Features (additional notification)
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Graphic Workshop Professional 11 — Coming Soon

We're pleased to announce the impending arrival of the latest major upgrade for Graphic Workshop Workshop Professional.

Replete with new functionality, enhanced features and other technologies to warp space, enhance time and prevent genetically-modified frogs... okay, we're not entirely sure about that last one... this is the state of the art in image management software.

Users of Graphic Workshop Professional 10 who registered or upgraded on or after May 1, 2020 will be welcome to a no-cost upgrade to the version 11 software.

Users of Graphic Workshop Professional 10 who registered or updated prior to May 1, 2020 can upgrade to Graphic Workshop Professional 11 for half the usual single-user license price — a mere $24.99.

If you're currently using Graphic Workshop Professional 9 and you upgrade to Graphic Workshop Professional 10 now, you'll also enjoy a no-cost upgrade to version 11 when it hits the streets. Please note that the reduced-price upgrade path from Graphic Workshop 9 will end when version 11 happens.

Please click on the huge blue button, below, to upgrade.


Pagan Daybook 10 Revision 3
(additional notification) 

Pagan Daybook 10 has been updated. Among its new and enhanced features are:

  • JPEG Library: The library that reads and writes JPEG documents — or .JPG files — has been updated to the latest release. This addresses a potential stability and security issue, and it improves the already light-speed JPEG management in Pagan Daybook.

  • The high-speed JPEG reader improves the performance of Pagan Daybook's screen saver, among other things.

    We urge all users of Pagan Daybook to update to the current release and nail these vulnerabilities before they nail you.

  • Observance Database: Updates the observance database, addresses a few typos. The gods favor decent spelling... probably.

  • Performance: Addresses a number of GDI and performance issues that software developers never really stop meddling with.
  • Documentation: Updates the documentation.

Click on the blue button to download Pagan Daybook 10.


If you have registered or upgraded a registration for Pagan Daybook 9, we invite you to upgrade to Pagan Daybook 10 for half the single-user license price.

Click on the blue button below to visit the upgrade page.

Graphic Workshop Professional -
10 More Cool Features

(additional notification)

Graphic Workshop Professional 10 is rich with functionality... some of which you might not know it has. Here are ten leading-edge features you can access in Graphic Workshop.

  • Crop Window: Crop your pictures with breathtaking ease in the Graphic Workshop Crop window. If you need to crop graphics with numerical precision, select Properties from the Crop window's File menu. Finally, you can configure the crop settings for one graphic and subsequently apply them to an entire batch. Crop can also be accessed directly through the View window.

  • Print Dodecahedron: Transform your twelve favorite photographs into a three-dimensional desk toy. The Print Dodecahedron window will calculate all the angles and fold lines required to print a flawless twelve-sided figure. Some arts and crafts to cut it out and fold it will be required.

  • Adjust: Quickly refine your pictures with the Adjust window, accessible through the Graphic Workshop browser right-click menu. Intuitive, interactive and immediate, Adjust will quickly repair the ravages of poor lighting, insufficient contrast and questionable automatic exposure. It has a learning curve best measured with a microscope.

  • Matt and Frame: Add flawless frames around your pictures. With access to the Graphic Workshop Textures and Fractals functionality to create its materials, the Matt and Frame window can do things to rectangles that were the stuff of myth and legend in ages past.

  • Montage: The Montage application that's included with Graphic Workshop Professional will import as many pictures as you like and provide you with a virtual cork board on which to place them. Add frames and captions with a few clicks, and export your completed montage to a graphic for subsequent distribution. Try to avoid building all your cat pictures into a single page.

  • Hexagon Filter: Turn any photograph into a flawless mosaic of six-sided tiles. If you're not seriously into bee-keeping, they can be reminiscent of late twentieth-century kitchen decor.

    The example here hardly does justice to the art form — click on it for a more representative view. Select the Hexagon option from Graphic Workshop's View mode Filters window to hex your own pictures.

  • WebP: Your web pages, social media posts and e-mailed photographs to your family in Arizona can be both smaller and way better looking if you store them as WebP documents, rather than JPEGs. Graphic Workshop features full WebP support, as does the e-Paint UltraLight application that installs with it. WebP is supported by all the current web browsers.

  • Fast JPEG: Graphic Workshop has the quickest JPEG reader in the known universe... most JPG graphics will have opened before the echoes of your mouse clicking have entirely faded away. Be sure to select the LibJpeg Turbo option in the JPEG Processor field of Graphic Workshop's Setup window.

  • e-Paint UltraLight: Graphic Workshop includes a light, easy-to-master edition of our justifiably renowned e-Paint application. Retouch your photographs, draw animation cells or install the heads of unpopular politicians on the bodies of aliens and start your own tabloid newspaper.

  • Application Reset Blocker: One of the more annoying behaviors of Windows 10 is its propensity for reverting the non-Microsoft applications you've associated with specific file types to sort-of-comparable apps that were installed with Windows. It does so from time to time for no apparent reason... and then it displays a seemingly endless sequence of notification windows like the one above to make sure you're aware that it was displeased with your previous choice of software. The Application Reset Blocker that installs with Graphic Workshop will disabuse it of this behavior.

Click on the blue button to download Graphic Workshop Professional 10.



If you have registered or upgraded a registration for Graphic Workshop Professional 9, we invite you to upgrade to Graphic Workshop Professional 10 for half the single-user license price.

Click on the blue button below to visit the upgrade page.

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