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Announcing Graphic Workshop Professional 10

Graphic Workshop Professional 10 has been released.

We've added new functionality to the known universe's most popular image management application, improved its performance, included several fresh ancillary applications and generally refined it to better get along with Windows 10. (We hasten to add that it still performs admirably under earlier builds of Windows, all the way back to Windows XP, if you're feeling retro.)

Among the new features and enhancements to Graphic Workshop professional 10, you'll find that it:

  • Adds Print Workshop. Create hard copy of your pictures with precise size and positioning, down to the nearest hundredth of an inch (or of a centimeter). Effortless to configure, this is the ideal tool for creating photographs suitable for framing, flyers, handouts and other professional output on paper. It can even be configured to include trim lines and pre-press marks. Right-click on a graphic and select Print Workshop form the menu that appears.

  • Improves the speed of the Graphic Workshop browser windows with predictive thumbnail caching. Once a browser window has opened, Graphic Workshop will take its best guess at the thumbnails you're likely to scroll into view next and fetch them when you're not doing anything, pretty much eliminating any visible delay when you do get to them. It's the sort of thing only software developers could get excited about, but it works really well.

  • Adds a set of CGI surface textures to the Graphic Workshop Fractals and Textures window. Create convincing real-world surfaces, or build an exo-planet of your own devising. These things also look breathtaking when they appear in the Matt and Frame function of Graphic Workshop. A few examples of the limitless capabilities of these textures appears to your right... admittedly squeezed into some fairly restricted real estate.

  • Adds a batch mode to the Identify Mystery Files function of Graphic Workshop. Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and select Identify Mystery Files from the File menu.

  • Adds The UltraLight Screen Clock. A simplified version of our immensely powerful and wildly popular Ultimate Screen Clock, The UltraLight Screen Clock will add your choice of sophisticated digital or analog clocks to your Windows desktop. It's cool enough to shatter penguins and have PETA people protesting outside your digs for a solid week.

  • Addresses a problem in Icon Editor UltraLight that could cause its drawing cursors to blink or flash for no apparent reason under some configurations of Windows.

  • Adds a Hexagon filter to the View mode Filters window. Render your favorite pictures as a matrix of six-sided interlocking tiles. Channel your inner bee-keeper, harken back to the days of retro floor coverings or just do geometry because you can remember how. This one looks really cool when it's applied to high-resolution digital camera images. The example to your right is somewhat space-deprived — click on it to see a larger picture.

  • Adds the Graphic Workshop Screen Saver. Have your computer display your choice of pictures in a dynamic, animated slide show when your system is idle. Run in its native application mode, the Graphic Workshop Screen Saver also make a quick, accessible engine to display banners and advertisements on a large flat-screen monitor for retail environments.

  • Adds Application Reset Blocker. If you've been beset by Windows 10 periodically flying into a panic and resetting most of the applications you've selected to open documents to Edge, Photos, Groove and so on, you can banish the "app caused a problem" notification with this intuitive tool.

  • Updates the primary JPEG library used by Graphic Workshop to the latest release. This addresses several potential security and image quality issues, and a few... albeit very obscure... bugs. We'd like to take this opportunity to stress the importance of keeping whatever reads JPG files on your computer up to date — there are unquestionably maliciously-crafted graphics in the wild that can crash older JPEG software and execute arbitrary, and potentially nasty, code on your computer.

  • Updates the WebP libraries to the latest software from Google, to create more attractive lossy files and otherwise improve reality as we know it.

  • Recognizes the .jpeg file extension as being valid JPEG files.

  • Adds a second Pipes style to the Textures and Filters window — thanks to everyone who e-mailed about the initial plumber's nightmare. Choose between the Industrial and Stainless Steel styles. 

  • Updates the TIFF reader logic to correctly handle weird sixteen-bit gray-scale images correctly. There's always one more peculiar TIFF file.

  • Fixes a bug in the Search window that could allow it to be reduced in size sufficiently to obscure the Exit button under some configurations of Windows.

  • Further enhances the sneakiness of the validation logic to reduce the likelihood of Graphic Workshop un-registering itself and thereafter deciding that its key is already in use because Windows 10 has silently updated something. Hopefully this one nails the problem until the end of time. Yes, we said that last year too, but Windows 10 proved to be sneakier than we'd anticipated.

  • Addresses a number of GDI and performance issues that software developers never really stop meddling with.
  • Updates the documentation.

The Graphic Workshop Printed Reference has been revised for the version 10 software, and it includes sections for all the new functionality. It's available through Amazon -- there's a link to it at the Graphic Workshop web page, and you can access it through the Get The Graphic Workshop Printed Reference item of Graphic Workshop's Help menu.

All the Graphic Workshop plugins have been upgraded to install in the version 10 software. Note that if you're currently using an earlier version of Graphic Workshop and its attendant plugins:

  • Be sure to uninstall the version 9 plugins before you install Graphic Workshop Professional 10. Failing this, Graphic Workshop Professional 10 should prompt you to do so automatically the first time you run it.

  • You'll need to download and install the new plugin installers to run under Graphic Workshop Professional 10.

If you're using a registered copy of the Graphic Workshop RAW Digital Camera and Smartphone plugin for an earlier release of Graphic Workshop, note that your existing registration key will work with the version 10 plugin you won't have to buy it again.

As in years past, when you run Graphic Workshop Professional 10 for the first time, it will look for a previous installation of Graphic Workshop Professional 9 and optionally copy your existing configuration, so you won't have to set everything up by hand. Even your open browser windows will be preserved.

Click on the blue button to download Graphic Workshop Professional 10.


If you have registered or upgraded a registration for Graphic Workshop Professional 9 on or after April 1, 2019, you're welcome to a no-cost upgrade to Graphic Workshop Professional 10.

If you have registered or upgraded a registration for Graphic Workshop Professional 9 prior to April 1, 2018, we invite you to upgrade to Graphic Workshop Professional 10 for half the current new-user price.

The first time you run Graphic Workshop Professional 10, it will determine which upgrade option applies to your license.

Click on the blue button below to visit the upgrade page.

You can access the no-cost upgrade page directly by clicking on the foregoing link.

Font Wrangler 9 Revision 2 (additional notification)

Font Wrangler 9 has been updated. This release:

  • Adds WebP support — import leading-edge WebP graphics.

    The WebP format was developed by Google. It replaces PNG and JPEG with a twenty-first century graphics standard.

    There's an extensive discussion of WebP at our blog.

  • Addresses a number of issues in the graphic export functions of Font Wrangler.

  • Addresses a number of security issues.

  • Fixes a bug in the font naming logic.

  • Addresses a number of GDI and performance issues that software developers never really stop meddling with.

  • Updates the documentation.


If you have registered or upgraded a registration for Font Wrangler 8, we invite you to upgrade to Font Wrangler 9 for half the current new-user price.

Click on the blue button below to visit the upgrade page. 


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