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  1.  Graphic Workshop Professional 12 Coming Next Weekend
  2.  Calendar Wizard 11 Revision 2 (additional notification)
  3.  Replying to this Message, List Removal and Details
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Graphic Workshop Professional 12 Next Weekend

Graphic Workshop Professional 12 is a week away.

Among its new and enhanced features are:

Upgrade to Graphic Workshop Professional 11 now and enjoy our
legendary no-cost upgrade to version 12 as soon as it's available.

For a limited time only, if you have a license for Graphic Workshop 4 or better, we invite
you to upgrade to version 11 (with the no-cost upgrade to version 12) for half price.

(If you see a message at the upgrade page that upgrades are only available for users of Graphic Workshop 10 and 11,
please ignore it. The upgrade offer for versions 4 through 9 will be available until 11:59 EST October 1, 2021.)

Calendar Wizard 11 Revision 2

Calendar Wizard 11 has been updated. In this release:

  • WebP: Updates the library that imports WebP graphics for Calendar Wizard to address several potential security issues and to improve its image quality.

  • JPEG Security: Updates Calendar Wizard's JPEG reader to the latest release to address several potential vulnerabilities.

  • Drawing Engine: Addresses a number of metrics and cosmetic problems in the Calendar Wizard drawing engine.

  • Performance: Addresses a number of GDI and performance issues that software developers never really stop meddling with.
  • Documentation: Updates the documentation.


If you have registered or upgraded a registration for Calendar Wizard 10, we invite you to upgrade to
Calendar Wizard 11 for half the single-user license price.

Click on the blue button below to visit the upgrade page.

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